Tripsi is your school board’s central location for travel policy compliance, risk management and oversight.

Tripsi streamlines authorizations & approvals, identifies potential risks, and tracks all relevant data for educational overnight travel, student excursions, outdoor education, field trips and sport travel.

Your policy, every time

Tripsi adapts to your board’s specific travel policies and procedures. Superintendents, principals, and teachers are all assured of being fully compliant.

Travel advisories to your inbox

Any destination can be subject to advisories from time to time. With Tripsi, you can rest assured you’ll be notified in real time if any global threat potentially affects one of your board’s trips.

Streamlined authorizations & approvals

Authorizations and approvals are time consuming. Tripsi streamlines the requests for student travel through every step of the approval process. Furthermore, previously approved itineraries are identified, saving time and making for speedier reviews.

Automated task management

Visiting a lake is entirely different than swimming in a lake. Tripsi supports government and school board specific activity policies to guarantee that certifications such as swimming tests are completed prior to travel.

Intelligent insights

School boards can access hundreds of regional and board specific data points. Tripsi tracks spending, performance, participation, destinations and more.

Insurance Assurance

Tripsi ensures that every trip, every student, and every teacher has the same best-in-class school board approved level of coverage every time.

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